With the floor deck already completed, what next is needed? Build the best custom railings and use the deck supporting structures for the brand new railing.

Deck + Planter Boxes

On this project, the customer wanted to have built-ins that suited the deck materials which could easily move and change once the mood hits.

Curved Balcony

Here, you’ll need to make use of many angled beams, footings and posts to support the joints that will move across the round or curved sections of the arc. On this project, we ran the joists through the beam so as to easily cut them back.

Leak Proof Pergola

A pergola creates an interesting feel to any outdoor space. However, unlike a formal porch, it does very little when it comes to protecting you from rain.

Classic Patio

If you want to create a livelier backyard, with a little pinch of creativity you can create a spectacular patio.

Mod Wood Deck and Flat Patio

This mod wood patio and the deck are suitable in warm weather conditions. It’s covered using a 50mm insulated roof system. Hence, this is great when it comes to preventing entry of heat.

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