Are you taking care of your floor? Most decks today are deformed because of exposure to harmful elements throughout the year. Hence, if you want a deck that looks great all year, it’s necessary to develop some routine that will help you in protecting your floor as well as preventing those rather costly repairs. Here are some maintenance tips to assist you in keeping a presentable home deck across all seasons!


Wash the Deck during Late Spring

A dirty deck is a perfect home for mildew and mold, which end up causing rot. Let’s look at some methods to keeping your floor clean.


  1. Remove the Debris

Here, you need to pay close attention to those areas where the deck boards come into contact with the joints. These are mostly the structures under the decking.


  1. Protect all Plants and Shrubs

If you’ve decorated your deck with some plants or flowers, it’s necessary to wet and cover them with a plastic bag so as to protect them.


  1. Sweep the Deck Thoroughly

The next step is removing the fine dust particles. Here, all you need to do is use the best brush that you have and clean your deck extensively.


  1. Choose an Appropriate Cleanser

While selecting a solvent, it’s essential to remember that all surfaces require different cleaners. For wooden decks, use a standard deck cleaning agent and for composite decks, use a cleaner that’s specifically meant for composite materials.


  1. Cleaning the Deck

While also cleaning the floor, different techniques are applied to various surfaces. However, the most important factor here is to clean the deck on a cool day with low sunlight.

For wooden decks, use garden sprayers, paint rollers or even a hard brush broom.

When it comes to the composite decks, the cleaning process is entirely different. These surfaces require scrubbing using a soft brush and avoid the use of pressure washers as they will permanently damage the decking. And no chance of looking for compensation through warranty!

Wait two days before sealing the deck.


Inspect and Repair Your Deck In The Middle Of Summer

Once the weather is warm and dry, then this is a good time to check out your deck and give it a harder look. Here are some few steps to follow:


  1. Look for Areas Infected with Rot

Using a flat-blade screwdriver, check the stairs, mostly where the stringers touch the ground and also check every perimeter post.


  1. Also, Inspect the Ledger

Use a flashlight and observe all the essential parts where the framing joins the deck to the rest of the house.


  1. What about the Remaining Posts, Joints, and Beams?

It’s necessary to inspect the hardware beneath, for example, joist hangers. Replace the ones which are extremely rusted as you also check for signs of rot either on the joints or posts.


  1. Inspect the Railing

Shake it a little bit and make sure that the posts are neither damaged nor loose. In case you find that there are some loose connections, don’t panic! Here is an easy remedy: drill the pilot holes and add galvanized screws.

Where you find cracks, remove the fastener and close the crack using an adhesive. The best adhesives come from an exterior grade. Finish the process by again drilling a pilot hole and adding another galvanized screw.



Above are some of the methods that are sure to provide you with a properly maintained and functional home deck. Even so, protect your deck from dust and harm by following the following procedures.

  • Trim nearby trees and bushes
  • Don’t let large particles or leaves to accumulate in corners
  • Minimize table and chair movement so as to avoid creating a discolored home deck!

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