Is your patio properly maintained? It doesn’t matter what type of paving you have, whether concrete, slabs, shingle or any other type, all these require proper cleaning as well as maintenance. A bit of scrubbing using a brush and some soap solution will, in some instances, go a long way in transforming an un-cared for patio.

Weeds, algae, and chunks of mortar are a few of the culprits that usually cause damage to patios. To solve such problems, we will take you through some easy procedures of cleaning and maintain a suitable patio.


General Maintenance Tips for a Perfect Home Patio


Regularly brushing your home patio goes a long way in removing dirt as well as debris. These particles are mostly found on the surface. Brushing also prevents the growth of plants. Why? Well, they will have no soil to grow on. The same method breaks the small weeds that may have already germinated and hinders any further growth.



It’s rather difficult to stop the cropping up of plants on your patio. The truth is a lot of factors may cause the growth of plants on surfaces. Key among these include inappropriate brushing leading to accumulation of soil and dirt particles. Here, we advise that once you get time to attend to your lawn (which should be regularly), make sure that you pluck out all weeds. Remember to take as long as possible!

Repeat the same process to the weeds found in joints. In case your joints are full of sand, then chances are high that some dust particles may be present in the plants being removed. Hence, after plucking out all the weeds, it’s also advisable to clean and sweep the patio area. Most importantly, make sure that you’ve fully replaced the sand in the joints.

Using weed killers is also a good option as they most definitely kill all the weeds once sprayed. While choosing the best weed killers, consider t systemic or contact weed killers.

  • Contact – this type of weed killer is typically fast and eliminates most of the unwanted substances. It’s absorbed through the stems, leaves and any other part of the plant which ‘crosses its path.’
  • Systemic – Systemic weed killers are a bit slower in their action as compared to their contact counterparts. Despite this, they are very thorough. They cover the entire plant, all the way to the roots.


Cleaning and Power Washing

While also using a simple brush, we also recommend an occasional scrubbing of your patio surface. The results might shock you! A simple washing liquid is most appropriate. However, you could similarly choose to apply some different kinds of floor cleaners. All you need to do is to pick one that’s free from any kind of acid. We found out that many of the patios we’ve constructed end up getting stained from any contact with acid.

You may also consider using pressure washers. These devices are very useful when it comes to cleaning your home patio. Work on all surfaces while removing unwanted debris. Do not use any chemical based products as these will destroy your patio floors and surfaces!



Above are some of the key maintenance methods when it comes to taking care of your patio. A properly maintained courtyard is elegant and beautiful, and hence, it should always be kept in the best possible condition. We hope that you now have the required knowledge of proper patio maintenance. If so, share this information with friends, family, and we hope to see you soon!

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